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Free energy: controllable cold fusion

Name: Papp engine

21 February 2009, Hungary

This information has survived two world wars. There were many people who has died for it. But it’s possible that it won’t survive the third world war. Now I would like to share this knowledge with everybody.

The point of the fusion is the EMANATION.

For which you don’t need the critical weight.  And that’s the point of it: it’s safe and controllable. It’s much more safer than a nuclear power station. In this way, everybody can get large amounts of free heat-energy. And from the heat-energy you can easily get kinetic energy by a turbine, and from the kinetic energy you can produce elctricity. There’s non need to natural gas or any kind of fossil fuels. And it can be built in cars, planes and ships as engine. See the Tessla turbine-engine.

How it works:
The radium and the other radioactive substances radiate alfa-, beta- and gamma rays, which is reproduced in the substance.

It has two variants:

-The first one is the natural one. Here, the decomposition of the radioactive substance produce radioactive gas, which comes into being in case of a certain amount of substance according to the percentage of the decomposition in a space of a certain capacity.
(It won’t start to fuse, because it doesn’t have the critical weight ca. 16 kg)

-The second is artificial. We put a piece of radium (a few gramms) into liquid. The liquid can be water or liquid gas in which we boil away the piece of radium. With the radium’s 3-day half-life and with its 99% radiate, the vapour becomes radioactive. In the meantime the solid radium looses nearly the 100% of its capacity of radiate, becomes weak alfa radiator. After a month it regains the 100% of its capacity of radiate.
This is the emanation, and it’s capacity must not be bigger than 0,5 liter, because there’s no any kind of container in the whole world which could contain the quantity of the generated heat energy!!!

The speed of the emanation can be controlled by the used amount of liquid (gas) and by the preparation of the emanation. The operation works only in a closed system, because of the gas leaded back and its radioactive radiation.
If we generate the emanation from noble gas, then it becomes electrical conductor because of the radioactive radiation and it doesn’t take up the radioactive radiation, just carries the radium a, b, c, d…, which is deposited inside the system and increases the speed of the emanation.
In the internal combustion engine the emanation comes into being very rapidly by the injection of a liquid (noble gas) in the presence of a radioactive substance on the roof of the block.
Like the internal combustion engine burns the fuel, the same way comes into being emanational heat.
So it’s like a steam engine which works with gas.
And the energy is supplied for 1500-2500 years with performance halving.
The sources of the emanation can be any kind of nuclear waste.
And the use of this kind of energy is free. And let it remain free, for a government, that want to tax these technologies! And those eat of the food, which is radiation-free by emanation, but in their organisms it becomes very radioactive!

And for what else can we use the oil?
Another hungarian invention for the avian influenza from 1880.
Well, we can come by refined, red coloured oil in any kind of pharmacy (at least in Hungary), in which we have to steep little, cutted bread cubes (1*1*0,5cm/ hen). We have to make the chicken eat the bread cubes. For a few days the chicken will be dazed and overpowered, but they will survive. In case of ducks and turkeys, the doze can be 2 or 3 bread cube, according to their weight.
The poultries, who get avian influenza, die in 30-60 minutes. The poultries infect with their excreta, so we have to disinfect the whole chicken-yard. And we stopped the infection. There’s no need to kill all the poultries!
The destructions of whole establishments helps other countries’ farmers!